Fish in the Pan with olive Oil and Bread leaf

What could be better than a fragrant seafood dish during your holiday in Versilia? Only the fish in the pan with olive oil and bread leaf of our chef Tettamanzi, master of flavours at the Grand Hotel & Riviera’s restaurant.

The colors - the red of the prawns, the brilliant black of the mussels with a yellow heart - tickle the appetite, the scents anticipate the pleasure of tasting, the flavours explode full and authentic on the palate. You can feel the quintessence of our sea in every bite.

The Fish in the pan is one of the most requested courses at the tables of our restaurant. We combine the freshest catch with a handful of aromatic herbs, the fragrant olive oil and a touch of chilli, spicy to the right point. The marine scents dance harmoniously one with each other’s and satisfy all the senses.

Try it during your stay at the Grand Hotel & Riviera in Lido di Camaiore ... you will take home with you an authentic memory of Versilia.

Here you are the original recipe of the chef Tettamanzi, even if only with the waves sloshing in the background, you can fully enjoy this delicious seafood dish.



It is quite simple to prepare the Fish in the Pan of our chef, the essential conditions are using the freshest ingredients and giving them all the necessary time to gain flavour. Let's start with a bit of olive oil in a stone pan, where you will brown a clove of garlic and some chilli.

We add, one by one, a squid, a spannocchio, the mussels and the clams, a fillet of blue fish and the octopus. Season with tomato, a glass of white wine, two freshly picked basil leaves and cover, letting gain flavour for about 5 minutes.

Once cooked, bring it to the table directly in the pan, with a sprinkling of parsley, extra virgin olive oil and two slices of bread.