Sea bass fossil with salt, a gourmet dish of our Chef

You have probably eaten sea bass several times in your life, it is one of the treasures of our seas and it suits different preparations. Oven-cooked, in a pan with fresh cherry tomatoes and olives, with lemon or grilled, delicate and yummy.

There are many recipes to taste this noble fish in every season. From Italian traditions, contaminated by international influences and innovative hints, our chef Leonardo Tettamanzi has created a gourmet dish ready to be discovered.

This is the sea bass fossil with salt, a delight for eyes and palate. You can enjoy it whenever you want at the restaurant of the Grand Hotel & Riviera, but remember to request it in advance: this dish is not on the daily menu.

Do you want to prepare it at home? It will not be easy to imitate the Chef, but here you are the the recipe ... good luck!



800 g sea bass



1 kg coarse salt

1 kg fine salt

1 lemon

200 g egg white

Extra virgin olive oil



Now let's start the preparation of our sea bass fossil with salt. First, clean the fish by removing scales, entrails and gills.

Wash your hands well and line a baking tray with parchment paper, then brush with a little oil. In a bowl put both the coarse salt and the fine salt, add the lemon juice (essential to colour the salt once in the oven) and finally the egg white.

Prepare the fish now: put the rosemary and a bit of ginger inside the filleted sea bass. Place it on the baking tray and create a cap around it with the mixture of salt and egg white. Press well with wet hands. Finally, bake your "fossil" at 180 degrees for about 18 minutes.

Let the fish cool a bit and try the taste of the sea like never before.