Breakfast at the Grand Hotel & Riviera: all the morning flavour

At our hotel in Lido di Camaiore, we believe that a vacation, coming after a long period of stress and work commitments, should bring smiles from the early hours of the day.

That's why our breakfast isn't just a simple buffet; it's a delightful morning ritual. The first smile that lights up your face begins in the indoor lounge or on the terrace where we serve breakfast, to warm you with the gentle morning rays.


Buffet for every appetite

Whether you're a fan of sweet or savory, it doesn't matter: our rich buffet with its irresistible aroma satisfies all taste buds (and eyes). Moreover, vacation rhymes with freedom – the freedom to choose each day how you want to start your day, enjoying your favorite breakfast or daring something new, stepping out of your comfort zone.

At the Grand Hotel & Riviera, we cater to every whim of the moment with delectable, fresh culinary offerings. Our buffet smells of sugary notes of freshly baked cakes, brioches, and jams; healthful notes of yogurt, fresh fruits, and seasonal vegetables; and international notes of tempting savory dishes (eggs, bacon, cold cuts, and cheeses are always available).

A symphony of aromas designed to accompany tasty hot beverages or your first morning coffee, brought to your table.


Authentic passion

At the Grand Hotel & Riviera in Lido di Camaiore, we aim to offer you a valuable experience every moment you spend with us, because during your vacation, you deserve to leave worries behind, rest your body and mind, and truly feel good. An extraordinary breakfast can indeed change the direction of your day – for the better! – and we are committed to that.

Our passion for your awakening knows no bounds, so much so that the pastry chef begins work before dawn to create sweets with unmatched fragrances and inviting baked goods. Everything is freshly made and prepared with top-quality ingredients, offering a wide selection for celiac and vegan guests. Because the vacation starts with breakfast, and we want it to be special no matter your dietary preferences or restrictions.

If you prefer the robust taste of an American breakfast over a soft slice of cake, at our hotel, you'll wake up with a radiant smile. The breakfast you love awaits you in the indoor lounge, already tantalizing your senses: at a visible station, the chef prepares made-to-order omelets and scrambled eggs. Do you not already have your mouth watering?

The breakfast moment is a true pleasure at our 4-star hotel, not only for the delicious culinary offerings but also for the relaxed and familial atmosphere you'll breathe in the indoor lounge where you sit. The terrace is perfect for savoring the first rays of the sun while enjoying a frothy cappuccino. In the height of summer, when the warmth of the early morning is a sweet treat, we set up tables by the pool for a truly unique awakening in Versilia.


Curious to taste our breakfast? Book your stay at the Grand Hotel & Riviera in Lido di Camaiore.