Spaghetti Riviera, our Chef's recipe

What is better than a tasty first course smelling of sea on a sweet late summer evening? Probably nothing. So, set the table on the terrace or in your garden, use majolica crockery and fine glass goblets, place a centerpiece made with shells and pebbles collected on the shoreline. Keep the memory of summer close to you as much as possible ... it is a wonderful season!

Once the table is ready, pamper yourself and those you love with a simple but tasty recipe, typical of the Versilian coast: spaghetti with clams. Starting from these flavors, our Chef Leonardo Tettamanzi has created one of the most requested dishes at the restaurant of Grand Hotel & Riviera in Lido di Camaiore: Spaghetti Riviera.



  • Spaghetti (better if bicolor)
  • Garlic
  • Chili pepper
  • Parsley
  • Anchovy paste
  • Clams
  • White wine



The preparation of this first course is simple, but be careful not to underestimate it: all the taste of the final result lies in the authenticity of the ingredients and in the precision of all steps. Before getting into the kitchen, therefore, make sure you can enjoy the freshest and quality raw materials.

Let's start cooking! Brown the finely chopped garlic, chilli and a little anchovy paste in extra virgin olive oil. When you begin to perceive an inviting aroma, add the clams, previously soaked, purged and left to open. Wet with white wine, let it evaporate and pour in a little of the water you used for the clams, together with the cooking water of the pasta. To captivate the taste buds and eyes, the Chef recommends using bicolor spaghetti (the classic clear ones and those with cuttlefish ink), cooking them a few less than needed to finish the creaming in the pot, until the seafood sauce is very well shrunk.

At the end, garnish the plate with sprigs of fresh parsley, preferably in a concave dish. Bon appetit!