Travel after Covid-19: the certainty of safe stays in our hotel

The worldwide outreach of the Covid-19 placed hospitality in front of an epochal challenge. The restrictions on personal mobility, in many states, prevented traditional tourist flows and the structures were obliged to adopt extraordinary measures to safeguard the health of staff and guests.

At the Grand Hotel & Riviera in Lido di Camaiore we stayed closed for a period, as by government orders, but now we are ready to look ahead, beyond the storm. Because the storm will turn soon (hopefully) in a simple summer rain, until it is completely exhausted. The calm will return and then we will open our doors to guests - new and old - always adopting the necessary health measures until the official eradication of the virus.

The wide spaces and the many halls of our 4-star hotel allow you to keep the right distances, monitoring the turnout in the common areas, and guarantee moments of pure quiet to everyone.

Here's how we are preparing to welcome you and ensure a relaxing and pleasant holiday on the Tuscan coast, in total safety of course.


Trained and constantly monitored staff


The foundations of hotel hospitality reside in the staff. And it was from our staff that we started the post Coronavirus reorganization. All the team has been carefully trained on the procedures to adopt after the health emergency, in order to avoid possible infections. Furthermore, every worker in our hotel will be provided with personal protective equipment, properly sterilized.

We combine prevention with a strategy of continuous monitoring of the state of health and immunization of the hotel staff, for the utmost serenity of our team and guests.


Sanification first of all


Hygiene has always been a cornerstone of our idea of ​​hospitality and today it becomes even more important. In addition to the ordinary cleaning of the rooms, we will carry out a deep sanification on all surfaces, to ensure total hygiene. This procedure also includes the filters of the air conditioners located in all rooms. The linen is washed and disinfected with certified methodology.

We will pay the same attention to the spaces dedicated to travellers’ relaxation - pool and spa - with frequent sanitization and distancing measures.


Food & Drink: the new practices


The restaurant is a gem of our accommodation offer, we would never dream of depriving you of the delicacies of Chef Tettamanzi. The service has undergone some changes, but the quality of our proposals does not vary at all.

We have rethought the breakfast to ensure the right distances and avoid any type of contamination, we will often sanitize the utensils used in the hall. Similar cautions will be maintained during lunches and dinners in the restaurant, thanks to professional and careful service. Each course will be served at the table and will preserve the quality of the gourmet dishes coming out of our kitchen.

To pamper our guests and guarantee the highest safety standards, we offer new room service options, personalized and free of charge. From the romantic dinner with sea view to the breakfast savoured just out of bed, every moment can become very pleasant in our hotel.


Carefree bookings


We know that the post-emergency phase brings worries and doubts, but we do our best to put you at ease, even before reaching the hotel. We have in fact reviewed our booking policies, mitigating their constraints: you can freely choose the dates of your stay and change them without penalty.

Furthermore, the administrative operations of check-in can be managed for the most part online, in order to decrease the time and the contacts at the reception.


The safer you are, the more relaxed we feel.