Visit to the Little Athens of Versilia: Pietrasanta

Pietrasanta, affectionately known as the "Little Athens of Versilia," is a cultural gem not to be missed during your stay at the Grand Hotel & Riviera.

The particular nickname reveals the essence of this charming town: the reference to Athens is due to the extraordinary concentration of artists, sculptors, and marble masters who have resided and worked here for centuries.


An open-air museum 

Pietrasanta is a crossroads of artistic styles, with sculptures ranging from classical to contemporary, creating a fascinating blend of ancient and modern. Its many works of art, almost entirely visitable during a pleasant stroll, make it an unparalleled open-air museum. 

This is also thanks to numerous temporary exhibitions set up in the squares and cobblestone streets of the historic center. Wandering through the narrow city streets, you will be captivated by the parade of art galleries and sculpture studios, clear evidence of a vibrant artistic community that has called Pietrasanta home over the centuries.


A triumph of monuments and ancient churches

Apart from art galleries and open-air exhibitions, what is there to see in Pietrasanta? A triumph of art, history, and culture in the form of interesting museums, curious sculptures, and solemn churches. Begin your tour from the main square, Piazza del Duomo, where the magnificent Cathedral of San Martino stands, boasting a Gothic facade and housing extraordinary works of art. 

Then, reach the Statue of the Cat, in bronze, located in Piazza Statuto: an unusual but well-established landmark for residents, as well as an artwork beloved by visitors. Continue with a visit to the Museum of Maquettes, which displays scale models of the works of local artists, offering a unique and evocative overview of the creative process. 

Don't forget the splendid churches of Pietrasanta, such as the Church of Sant'Agostino, dating back to the 14th century and with fascinating architecture. Inside, you can immerse yourself in valuable paintings and sculptures. Finally, visit the Church of San Francesco: known for its frescoed cloister and incomparable atmosphere, it is an architectural gem not to be missed in Little Athens.

For a relaxing break or the purchase of souvenirs, stop by the Fountain of Piazza Matteotti, in the heart of the center, surrounded by cafes and shops of all kinds.


La magic of marble

To fully immerse yourself in the creative atmosphere of Pietrasanta, we recommend visiting the marble sculpture workshops scattered throughout the city. Here, master marble craftsmen work the precious marble from local quarries to create unique artifacts of great value. 

Many of these workshops open their doors to the public, offering the precious opportunity to witness demonstrations and interact with the artists. It is an engaging experience that reveals the unsuspected secrets of marble processing, a tradition with deep roots in the history of Pietrasanta. 

The city's workshops are authentic forges of creativity, where stone comes to life under the skillful hands of artisans, contributing to perpetuating the magic of origins and the sculptural tradition of the city.


Has the charm of Pietrasanta enchanted you? We believe so, it is truly wonderful: visit it during your stay at the Grand Hotel & Riviera, just minutes from the Little Athens.